Episodic Mentoring in Alberta, Canada

Listen to Len Polsky, Manager of Legal Technology and Mentorship at the Law Society of Alberta, and Amy Timmer, the author of 60 Minute Mentoring for Lawyers and Law Students and Director of the National Legal Mentoring Consortium, talk about the importance of mentorship for young lawyers and how to make the most of the Law Society’s Mentor Express program. October 2021.

Professionalism for New Lawyers (videotape)
Texas Center for Legal Ethics and Professionalism

Introductory videotape for new lawyers. Topics covered include law office management, keeping your life in balance, staff training and treatment, client counseling and recognition. The Top Ten Tips for Dealing with Clients is another approach to teaching the new lawyer how to get, keep, and bill clients, as well as mentioning certain communication skills, written employment agreements, knowledge of the law and its applicability to your client, and client involvement in the case. In addition the tape deals with malpractice and disciplinary issues, advertising rules, and services of the State Bar of Texas.

So Goes a Nation: Lawyers and Communities

New York Lawyers for the Public Interest, Louis Stein Center for Ethics, and Public Interest Law at Fordham University School of Law with Fordham Urban Law Journal (1997)
Description: Documentary depicting the three approaches to working with people in low-income communities.
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