Scholarly Articles

There is Strength in Silence
ABA Journal (June 2021)
Author: James Fierberg

Advancing Faculty DiversityThrough Self-Directed Mentoring
Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy (Fall, 2017)
Authors: Yvonne M. Dutton, Margaret Ryznar, Lea Shaver 

The Mentoring Gap
Harvard Law Review Forum (May, 2016)
Author: Tomiko Brown-Nagin 

You Can’t Make Me Tell—Or Can You?  Can Observing Mentee- and Mentor-Lawyers Be Compelled to Testify About Confidential Client Information?
The Professional Lawyer (June, 2016)
Authors:  Timmer, Amy

Let the Circle Be Unbroken
The Bencher (March/April, 2015)
Authors:  Baker, Garrett; Saville, Tavorkian

Tools for a Fulfilling Mentorship
The Bencher (March/April, 2015)
Authors:  Carlos, Paige L

Matched vs. Episodic Mentoring: An Exploration of the Processes and Outcomes for Law School Students Engaged in Professional Mentoring
Legal Education Review (Fall, 2013)
Authors:  Chandler, Dawn E.; Johnson, Eileen S.; Timmer, Amy; Toy, Charles R.